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  Anhui seiko glass machinery co., LTD., the predecessor is specialized is engaged in the glass products secondary processing equipment development, research institutions, for glass machinery industry innovation made due contributions. The 21st century, the enterprise hold fast to domestic glass machinery industry new development opportunity, invest a lot of money and manpower, and the introduction of glass machinery manufacturing equipment at the same time, speed up the construction of the sales service network, forming the glass machinery product development, manufacturing, sales, service one-stop production system, and laid the seiko's innovation ability and product quality in domestic counterparts in a leading position, is a bigger professional domestic manufacturing glass cutting lines, sales and service providers. Based on domestic and facing the world, keep seiko well-known brand, is our eternal goal. Product innovation, and provide to the customer system pre-sale, sale and after-sale service comprehensive solutions, is our obligatory responsibility. Is full of opportunities and hope in the 21st century, fine workmanship, all staff of the company may the years with long-term support our new and old friends hand in hand, total diagram development, welcome to visit.