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Container glass machinery technology and innovation
  With the rapid development of Chinese economy and the people's living standard is increasing day by day, and the industrial application and civil glass production needs and quality standards to the world advanced level is put forward more requirements. At the same time, China as a glass rich mineral resources, labor technical level higher countries, glass products export has a huge market.
  China's glass machinery and equipment from the early introduction, digestion, to have can make conventional equipment, provides basic equipment, has experienced more than 40 years of development, has been faced with the improvement of the product productivity, at the same time with the challenges of the world quality.
  Container class glass machinery development mainly contains the following several aspects: to suppress such equipment is to improve mechanical positioning accuracy, use good stability, low failure rate and development double drop material and even three drops of material pressure machine; Pressure blow kind of molding process is the key of manufacturing high accuracy container products, including seamless rotary pressure blown machinery seek breakthroughs. Centrifugal molding is to reduce glass material, reduce the cost of mold of the important process, the development of multi-station full automatic centrifugal machine is the market hot spots; Determinant bottle blowing machine is toward the high precision, high yield development; Glass products to improve surface quality of one of the key technology is products surface flame polishing, how to improve the polishing machine precision and automation degree to adapt to a large number of a large number of production. Glass products between each process transmission is more and more to automation, request speed, can adapt to the needs of the many varieties of many specifications.