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Glass machinery industry wide prospect
  In recent years, China's glass industry, new technical improvement project increase gradually, the enterprise transition step speed up day by day, which will promote the development of domestic glass machinery market.
  Glass machinery market survey analysis shows that, since 2001 China glass machinery each year is increasing by 10%, in 2003 has reached 4000 tons of mark. Since 2004, five years, average every year there will be 5 ~ 10 500 tons more than the level of large and medium-sized float glass production line expanding build, this will greatly pull glass machinery the demand of the market. Accordingly, the expert inside course of study is expected, in 2010 China glass machinery market demand will exceed ten thousand tons of mark, including processing glass machinery market demand is expected to average 14.79% growth steadily rising.
  To promote the glass machinery industry development, China construction glass and industrial glass association mechanical equipment professional committee in 2004 organization within the industry experts and enterprise jointly compiled the common glass processing machinery industry standard ZBJ/HB000-2004, and in on May 1, 2004 implementation of the recommended. In 2007, the association organization experts formulated glass machinery standard "release and implementation, further promotes our country glass machinery steady and sustained development of the industry, and at the same time improve our country glass machinery equipment standardization level and international competitiveness.
  In the release of the implementation of the "glass machinery standard", a cold glass machinery standard eight; Hollow glass machinery standard seven; Flat and bent tempered glass machinery standard two; Sandwich glass machinery standard four. The implementation of the standard, not only to production glass machinery equipment association member unit puts forward the unified technical requirements, but also to regulate glass machinery design and manufacture, to regulate the industry has played a positive role.
  Stepping into the 21st century, China's glass industry to high-grade float glass glass and glass safety, energy saving, environmental protection, fire prevention, decoration requirements gradually improve, processing glass market also is heating up. In addition, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai world expo venue construction, also make the processing glass market demand rapid rise. All of these reasons will greatly boost China's processing glass machinery market development.